Why bring Pilates to Look After Yourself LN5.......

It is important  to distinguish between Pilates style classes, and classes taught using the ‘Pilates Classical Mat Method’ introduced by Joseph Pilates. Many class members are referred to Pilates as a beneficial form of exercise to help them correct posture, back, joint or specific movement problems. If they attend a class that is not taught using the method then they will not gain the necessary benefits and even more importantly, they may aggravate structural problems further.

There are many classes that are taught in more of a fitness, dynamic movement way that use the title Pilates, but the exercises are not taught or executed using the 6 principles of the Pilates method. These classes are body conditioning as they do not use the classical mat methodology. These classes are often fun and dynamic and improve general fitness and certainly have a place in our timetable choices, but they should be very clear that they are not taught using the Pilates Method.

These classes are often hard for our class members to differentiate from Pilates classes because they use the same titles for exercise positions as the Pilates classical mat positions. The first point of clarification is that it is not the exercise positions that make a class ‘Pilates’. i.e. The Teaser exercise is seen in other workouts such as ‘Boat’ in Yoga or ‘V’ sit in other exercise programmes. What makes it Pilates is when taught within the 6 principles of the classical method. Any exercise can be taught within method and it becomes a Pilates method exercise. This gives us a world of content choice.

Joseph Pilates identified the method of teaching exercise using the science of ‘control’ and breath. Practiced fully, Pilates benefits include, “increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing, strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, coordination, muscular and mental strength, posture, balance, and core strength” (Joseph Pilates). These benefits are lost if the method is not used during teaching.

Credit to Gillian Cummings-Bell of Drummond Education for both the information, the instruction and much of the inspiration for my own Pilates Instructor journey thus far. Some of you will have met Gillian at the guest session she conducted on 27th September 2017.

Monday Evening Classes 

Monday evenings at 1800-1900 and 1915-2015.  Numbers are limited to 12 clients per class. Classes will cost £7.50 each and places will require booking and payment in advance for the entire month to reserve a place. 

Pilates is not a discipline from which you can sufficiently benefit if you do not attend regularly – hence there not being any form of ‘drop in’ option for sporadic attendance. 

Wednesday Lunchtime Classes

Wednesdays at 1200 - 1300. These classes are available as catch up sessions only, to any of the 24 clients from Monday evenings who may have been forced to miss a class for whatever reason. They no longer run routinely and must be booked in advance by existing clients on a case by case basis when required.  

Studio Sessions - various times available - by arrangement


In June 2019 a 12 ft by 18 ft custom built studio was erected at Look After Yourself LN5 HQ. This fantastic facility is available for bespoke studio sessions for up to three people at a cost of just £30 per one hour session. For Pilates this is an ideal opportunity for any clients unable to attend in the evenings. With a group of 3 this bespoke and personal offering is available at a cost of just £10.  See 'Studio Sessions' from the main menu to find out more. 

How to Book

If you would like more information please either message the Look After Yourself LN5 Facebook Page or use the contact form and I will get back to you with more detail and how to book.  Once booked in for your first class you will be asked to complete and sign a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and sign a booking and payment process client agreement.  

Pilates Frequently Asked Questions - click here.

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