Offering Therapeutic Counselling from 2020


I am a trainee therapist and member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, building hours towards my full accreditation and seeking to expand my knowledge and offering through regular and varied CPD.


The journey of discovery I have undertaken is life changing, in so many ways, and has facilitated an even clearer understanding of myself than I had, to date, achieved. This is despite already feeling that I had made significant progress in this area before I made this choice to train to help others.


I will bring Therapy services to Look After Yourself LN5 from mid to late 2020. Whilst completely independent, this will perfectly complement the fitness and Pilates I already offer. I have a truly holistic approach to self, and feel that all aspects must be considered including nutrition and sleep.















I want to help put in the past the days of Therapy being seen as a crisis intervention option only. Therapy should be accessed before crisis, for maintenance of health and well being. Modern life carries more pressures than ever and a non-judgemental space, where you can freely explore your own experiences (be they now, recent or long past) and reflect with clarity in an empathic environment is vital to maintaining a good sense of who you are.


I cannot begin to describe how satisfying and rewarding provision of the therapeutic space to those in need is, nor how much benefit my clients can begin to access through airing and exploring their own thought processes freely and safely.











Corporate Offering

I am also excited about a future in provision of corporate assistance towards employee well-being, whilst maintaining my continued volunteer status working as a therapist with local troubled adolescents.

My passion and drive for all aspects of this endeavour is unbounded, and I cannot wait to assist others in a journey towards increased self-awareness, raised self-esteem and improved mental and emotional well being. Certificate of competency to practice achieved May 2019, job satisfaction thus far beyond all expectation!!

From mid to late 2020 my offering will include provision of services, in various guises, to corporate and other entities. A role for which I have proven competence and a unique and diverse professional background and experience outside of the therapeutic realm.

Shared experience, empathic understanding and an ability to follow complex thoughts processes, with no need to question the narrative (in either a personal or an aviation defence corporate context), are the unique attributes that set my offering apart from others - my USP.

I offer an integrative approach grounded in Person Centred Therapy which facilitates the clients growth and learning towards improved self awareness in a safe and contained environment.



Therapy (separate to my corporate offering) will be available from £35 per session, each session will last 50 mins (the first session is likely to be a little longer), sessions after 6pm will be charged at £40 per session.   Weekly sessions are normally necessary for a beneficial therapeutic change and periodic reviews will be undertaken.


As a therapist my task is to make myself obsolete, to help you the client to become your own 'safe base'.  I don't want to make you better, I want to help you to take the responsibility for making yourself better and I want the process for this improvement in your own well being to be as clear to you as possible.


If you think you could benefit from a safe and secure therapeutic relationship with myself in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch using the form here.