Therapeutic Counselling



I am an Integrative therapist with a grounding in Person Centred Therapy and a Registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. You can verify this here

Life can feel good when the only validation you really need is internal, when you know you are being the best version of yourself that you can be, when you forgive yourself the occasional, inevitable mistake and when you choose to worry only about those things for which you can affect change.      A lot of the pain we experience is associated with thoughts.

Self acceptance and self love takes time and an increased knowledge of yourself. It can be a painful journey of discovery, is likely to involve looking at the things that shaped you from the past, but the rewards that come from that personal growth become exponential over time. It’s an iterative journey. It never ends.

A big part of it is knowing that we are not always everyone’s cup of tea, and that that’s ok! 


With Look After Yourself LN5 Therapy the aim is to help put in the past the days of Therapy being seen as a crisis intervention option only. Therapy should be accessed before crisis, for maintenance of health and well being. Modern life carries more pressures than ever and a non-judgemental space, where you can freely explore your own experiences (be they now, recent or long past) and reflect with clarity, in an empathic environment, is vital to maintaining a good sense of who you are.


I offer an integrative approach grounded in Person Centred Therapy which facilitates client growth and learning towards improved self awareness in a safe and contained environment


As a therapist my task is to make myself obsolete, to help you to become your own 'safe base'. 

I don't want to make you better, I want to help you take the responsibility for making yourself better and want the process for this improvement in your well being to be as clear to you as possible.

Scroll down to read what a client has to say about therapy at Look After Yourself LN5. The same client reflects 6 months on fro the below statement here.


If you think you could benefit from a safe and secure therapeutic relationship with myself in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch  It’s ok to reach out!


This service, whilst completely independent, perfectly complements the fitness and Pilates I already offer. I have a truly holistic approach to self, and feel that all aspects must be considered including nutrition and sleep.


















Mind MOT

The concept of a ‘Mind MOT’ is to offer a confidential space to explore and facilitate insight for the client. We don’t all need ‘therapy’ all of the time, sometimes we might just need a re-set or a re-appraisal of a given situation or set of circumstances.  This can be termed ‘Coaching’ or ‘Mentoring’ if the term ‘Therapy’ creates barriers.

This provides a sounding board for an employee, a safe place to talk about issues that trouble them, allowing the mentor to assist the client in finding their own solutions, or develop better ways to manage problems or issues. It is NOT about giving advice, but providing a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible facilitation to empower an employee to move forward. 


In a nutshell, it’s valuable, impartial assistance in ordering the sometimes jumbled filing system of ones mind.

It’s an opportunity to take time to shed light on, and gauge, how things are going in life generally. To reflect on any life changes and to receive support in making adjustments that a client may discover are necessary.  The mentor will share with the client any insight as to how they can continue to look after their own well-being, where relevant.  


If provision of follow up sessions or therapy is discussed as an appropriate way forward for any individual, this can take place with the Mind MOT provider or appropriate signposting and/or referral can be offered to external agencies or therapists.

Corporate Offering

I also provision of corporate assistance towards employee well-being to include the Mind MOT offering above, specialising in the military, veteran and aerospace arena.

Shared experience, empathic understanding and an ability to follow complex thoughts processes, with no need to question the narrative (in either a personal or an aviation defence corporate context), are the unique attributes that set my offering apart from others - my USP.

I offer an integrative approach grounded in Person Centred Therapy which facilitates the clients growth and learning towards improved self awareness in a safe and contained environment.



Personal therapy sessions are £40 but concessions are offered depending on circumstances. Corporate prices vary depending upon offering/package.


If you think you could benefit from a safe and secure therapeutic relationship with myself in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch using the form here.  


What my clients say......

The following client attended weekly sessions for just over a one year period. It wasn't easy for this mature, driven, intelligent and high flying career person to make contact and arrange the first session.  It's been a privilege to help facilitate a better understanding of general life, relationships and 'self' for this person - I am so glad they gave their therapy journey such attention and consideration - it seems to have been life changing.

'I’ve been lucky enough to work with Ange for just over a year.  I knew things weren’t right, so I made the call and booked in.


Ange carefully listened to everything I talked about.  With such care, she has helped me to explore and understand more about myself.  Each session was meaningful and positive.  Ange is so very competent, personable and professional.  She has great empathy; her skill helped me find a way through to a happier and more content place.  We explored things in my own time and, with her support and skill, I now live a more peaceful and content life.  I have a much better understanding of me, it’s that simple, but has made a big difference. 


 I understand my relationships with people more; my self esteem and confidence are back where they should be and I no longer have those anxious feelings that can eat away. 


It wasn’t easy to ring Ange to ask if I could book some time with her for therapy.  Picking up the phone and asking for some help doesn’t come easily to me.  I’m a strong person, I enjoy a busy and challenging career and I have a positive outlook on life; but something wasn’t right.  


I am so happy that I did call, I’ve never looked back.  Working with Ange has been a life changing experience and I’m very grateful to have found someone like her who was able to help.'