As a mother, at over 40 years of age and as a sufferer of Osteoarthritis, I was resigned to a life that no longer included feeling fit,  playing the sports I loved or feeling the benefits of the associated exercise.  Having spent 16 years in the military (having now 'retired') working all over the country and, often, the world,  I'd never been a stead fast 'gym goer', a 'road pounder' or very disciplined at all, when it came to doing any exercise regularly that I simply didn't enjoy!  


Pregnancy and childbirth saw me grow to 15 stone the day before she was born (or rather rapidly extracted during an emergency section) and not much less to that in the days after - staying above 13 stone for most of the first year. Year two saw me really get into running - but hip, knee and ankle problems put paid to that (and my beloved basketball and squash) and the weight crept up again. A couple of years on and my days playing my beloved competitive sports (basketball - pic shows me playing in America) were now sadly over, due to two ankle surgeries.  A life of ailments, growing girth and lethargy had firmly set in.  I had tried different diets, fasting, some boring exercise regimes and a positive attitude, but nothing had ever lasted.  I spent a couple of years suffering constantly with either ankle, heel, knee or hip pain (or varying combinations thereof).  It seemed pretty bleak!

Fitness classes often seemed a bit cliquey to me, the instructors sometimes aloof (not to mention super fit!) and the content  rarely enjoyable or challenging for me (maybe I was just going to the wrong ones!).  I wanted to experience something different, something that would make me want to do things differently, health, diet and fitness wise, permanently. 

There was no easy answer - so I figured it out for I want to do the same for you!

Since first launching the business (and writing the above) the final piece of my puzzle, my 'lightbulb moment', has been the discovery of Pilates - I am now thrilled to be able to offer Pilates as the perfect compliment to the other classes  at Look After Yourself LN5. You can read more about the Pilates on offer here.  

You don't have to be great to start.......

.............. but you do have to start to be great!