Pilates - Frequently Asked Questions;

1.      Will Pilates Tone me up? 

Yes, absolutely! Pilates works muscles you didn’t even know you had, or maybe you had forgotten about – but in the most gentle way imaginable! The aim is to work from your deepest ‘inside’ muscles towards and including all of the muscles that radiate outwards from there.  Stabilising that core to allow a firm basis for movement and creation of functional movement patterns of our outer limbs.   Think of an apple or a pear, without their strong core all of that ripe fruit would just fall away.  Every move undertaken is done so with control and precision, utilising our breath to maintain flow, beauty and grace using only our own bodyweight and gravity as resistance.  It requires focus and concentration but if you think Ballet, you will get the idea.  Long and Lean! 

2.      Is it like Toning or Legs, Bums and Tums?

No.  Pilates is a ‘practice’ and is something you learn over time and continue to learn from even with years of experience.  Pilates isn’t just about attending regularly – it needs to permeate into everyday life for maximum benefit.  The principles you learn with me should be applied to everyday movements regularly, until some of it becomes autonomous in other areas of your life.  There is no doubt that you will, over time, tone and strengthen many areas of your body.  The exercises, however, are much more functional and applicable to everyday life than those in a toning class.

3.      How long will it take to see and feel results?   

Everyone is different, it also depends on how much you ‘buy in’ to Pilates and practice the principles in everyday life, as well as during the class.  You are likely to notice results from 6-8 weeks, but you may start to become aware of slight postural changes after a few sessions as you begin to become more ‘body aware’ in general.  There is a real emphasis on mind/body connection.  If you attend every week you should notice changes within 8 weeks. This is why I will not run Pilates as a ‘drop in’ style class and insist on you booking in blocks – such that you can better reap the associated benefits.

If you can maintain your commitment and attendance then after a few months Pilates will become part of your lifestyle.  Many participants at that stage start to feel like a whole new person – this is no guarantee and nothing can substitute dedication, commitment and concentrated practice of the Pilates principles, both within and outside of the sessions.

4.      What kind of benefits to people achieve from Pilates? 

With practiced and regular application of the principles of Pilates over an extended period of time you may begin to notice many of the following benefits;

·        Fuller and more effective breathing

·        Decrease in any existing lower back pain

·        Improved circulation

·        Shape and tone of muscle groups

·        Improvement in general fitness

·        Increased spinal strength and flexibility

·        Improved pelvic control

·        Higher levels of energy

·        Improved body awareness

·        Improved posture.