Whilst working as a secondary school maths teacher (at one of the top performing schools in the country) for a few years after my 17 year military career, I developed an absolute passion for helping children navigate the sometimes complex task of understanding the world in relation to numbers.  However, with classes of 30+, I increasingly became  frustrated about not being able to teach the individuals that needed it most, in a way that was beneficial to their learning - so I left and became a 1-2-1 maths tutor!

I meet so many people, of all ages, who believe they are 'rubbish' at maths. I don't believe anyone is rubbish at maths!  What I do know is that if we didn't have a good experience of learning maths at school, be that due to a poor school, poor teaching, not paying attention or other reasons, we leave school thinking we are rubbish.

Anyone can be good at maths with hard work, focus, a growth mind set and a good attitude.  Maths can be fun and I adopt a relaxed but firm approach which allows the tutee (adults and children alike) to explore what they are good at, whilst consolidating the gaps in their learning with confidence and without fear of failure.  I embrace getting it wrong - for that is how we learn, but in order to learn from getting it wrong - we must know what went wrong and how to fix it - I believe this is what's lacking in school, amongst other things.

I will encourage you or your child to adopt a growth ' can do' mindset, in order to tackle any problem no matter how big or small, regardless of whether we get the right answer.

Have a read of what my clients parents have said about their experiences of learning maths with me;



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