Total Tone

Total Tone is a class I have enjoyed as a client personally, much to my surprise, during my transition to a more healthy lifestyle.  I attribute most of my actual body shape changes (as opposed to any wieght or fat loss) to this class, which tones muscles as effectively as a work out in the gym.

What is it

Total Tone uses body weight, dumbells, resistance bands and mats with the aim of constantly moving around the body from one muscle group to another.  This allows a muscle group to be hit hard, but then rested while another area of the body is targeted.

The exercises vary but include squats (which I used to hate and that I was terrible at!), shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep extension, lunges and abdominal exercies. 

How is toning achieved?

Each targeted body part is exercised to a set music track, aimed at motivating and spurring you on.  Rests can be taken as you feel you need them, although the class flows fairly constantly.  I could never do the entire class straight through when I first started, but I found it rewarding,   week by week, as I saw the progress I would often make compared to the week before.


Why is it important

Weight training of this type is effective at fat reduction, perhaps more so than cardio activity. Unlike your traditional, fat burning, cardio type of exercises (which, incidentally, only switch to fat burning after the first 20 mins), this resistance training will see your body utilising higher levels of oxygen at rest AFTER you've stopped training (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)).  That means you'll be burning fat (the extra oxygen is required for both this and the removal of lactate that will have built in the muscle during training) for hours AFTER you've stopped exercising.

Total Tone is a very popular class and gets booked full regularly, please book early to avoid dissapointment.