March 2018 Newsletter

Hello Folks,


Please don't be alarmed - this e-mail update is the first of it's kind (in 4 years) so don't expect to be bombarded from here on – it will probably take another 4 years before the next one!! You know me. 😉 However, the following information will be useful and informative so do put a few minutes aside, if not now, to read when able. 


One Me - 'March On the Move'


The local Charity 'One Me' has teamed up with many and varied local fitness and leisure providers to encourage Lincoln families to participate in physical activity.  At the same time, funds are being raised for the charity - which seeks to help (through the provision of funding grants) young adults (up to age 25) to achieve things like business start up, educational qualifications and other activities that will enhance their lives.


For just £2 you can purchase the 'activity bundle' wristband which gives you access to a multitude of activities (across nearly 50 Lincoln providers) as detailed within the brochure here.  You can learn more about March on the Move and the charity itself through their website here.  The 14 day family membership at David Lloyds alone is worth the £2 investment - especially with the Easter holidays coming up!


I have a number of wristbands for sale so if you are interested please reply to this e-mail or ask me next time you see me at a class.


Chance to win £55 of free classes (a whole loyalty card).


Anyone that leaves a review on the Facebook page (if you have already left one then perhaps an update if it was outside of the last year) will be entered into a draw to win 11 free fitness classes with me! Choose from Tone, Tabata or Boot Camp and literally fill your boots! To see what others have written take a look here.


Limitless Fitness Classes for only £30 a month (average £2.30 per class).


For anyone that regularly trains with me twice a week (of which there are now quite a few) you may be interested in my limitless classes offer.  This offer is available only through GoCardless, a secure Direct debit system, and will save you money long term if ou train regularly – it will even afford you a free class every week, in comparison to what you pay now – should you wish to attend all three classes on a regular basis.  This is available to all clients – with the aim to have you train more for less money.  So if you were thinking of trying to get a lot fitter in the near future – this is the deal for you.  For any months where I am away (there will be a week in April and two weeks in August) I will provide a cash refund of £7.50 per calendar week that classes are not running. For more details please get back to me or to set up follow this link.


Pilates at Look After Yourself LN5


We have just reached the 10th week of our Pilates classes and the progress made by clients attending regularly has been amazing – and this is only the beginning.  We have recently introduced Pilates equipment (resistance bands and a ball) to bring a new aspect and added challenge to the already fascinating discipline.  Whether you have tried already or not, take a look at the reviews made by the existing clients and consider popping along and joining us.  Although you will need to be dedicated – if you stick to it you won’t look back – the changes to our bodies are quite remarkable! Limited spaces available.


The Facebook Page


As many of you know, Facebook has changed dramatically in terms of how it treats small businesses since I started 4 years ago. I used to be able to effectively rely on a post on my page to communicate important information to you – I can no longer do this if you are just a ‘liker’ you need to be a ‘follower’ too.  YOU can change how you see the page by utilising the ‘following’ tool and adjusting your settings there accordingly. If you want to keep informed please go to ‘following’ and adjust as follows;




By doing this you will keep up to date with all of the relevant information as it happens. 

Thank you for your support on Facebook – it is an extremely effective marketing tool and without your ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘shares’, and ‘follows’ I could not hope to reach anywhere near the amount of people we need to keep our classes the thriving and happy places that they are. Thank you – please keep this up and make sure you adjust your ‘following’ settings soonest.


The Website


My web pages at were completely re-vamped last year (by little old me) and now contain details of all of our classes including Pilates, there is a review page, a prices and special offers page and a ‘contact’ page for new clients to get in touch.  This is the first port of call for any newbies to gain all of the information they need about our classes.  As such, if you could see your way to occasionally sharing, on your social media, a link to our web pages that would be another fantastic way to let people know what lovely friendly classes we offer.

Thank you so much for your continued support in everything we do – my classes would not be the same without you and I am extremely proud of the product we have built, together, which allows locals of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.


Thanks so much for your time in reading this, also in advance for your help with much of the above.


Kindest regards,