Prices and special offers.......

Each fitness class costs £5.  However, if you pay for 5 classes in advance there is a 20% discount.  

The Loyalty Card you can see here will be issued, and stamped at each attendance.   You do not have to book all of your classes at once, however, once a class is booked the cancellation policy below will apply. The card is valid for 6 months after first purchase.





I find that payment in advance using the Loyalty card  is often a motivator for those last minute times when you think you don't really want to go and train, but often find that after you've been, you feel glad that you did.

In addition, this way, training two to three times a week is affordable and on a par, if not cheaper, than most gym memberships which you may not use as much.  So a week off of my classes doesn't cost you anything, unlike a monthly gym membership. :)

The benefits of this pricing system


Numbers are limited to 12 clients per class. Classes will cost £7.50 each and places will require booking and payment in advance for the entire month to reserve a place.

Pilates is not a discipline from which you can sufficiently benefit if you do not attend regularly – hence there not being any form of ‘drop in’ option for sporadic attendance. 

Cancellation Policy




For those that use a loyalty card the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • A 'no show' without notice on a booked class will be stamped/charged.

  • Cancellation of a booked class within 24 hours will be stamped/charged.

  • Notification of cancellation received in advance of 24 hours of class will incur no stamp/charge for that class.

  • Cancellations should be made via a direct message to the Look After Yourself LN5 Facebook page (not comments on Facebook posts) or by telephone call or text message to 07967 390152.

  • Limitless customers are still required to book - this can be as late as 30 mins before the class - as this helpful for planning purposes . There are no penalties for cancellation but two 'no shows' with no attempt to make contact PRIOR to the class within a one month period will result in a move back to the Loyalty card system for that customer. 

Limitless Option - Fitness Classes


There is method in my madness. My two very different fitness classes complement each other perfectly for all round fitness, with Pilates being the optional cherry on top for a healthy centre and more controlled/balanced movement.


If you’re willing to try, both fitness classes with me every week will definitely bring you a good level of all round strength and fitness, a change in shape and a healthier heart, lungs and body.

This is why I am now offering a Limitless option for my fitness classes. For just £22.50 a month you can attend all of my fitness classes as often as you like. That’s just approx £2.50 per class! That’s 9 or so classes per month for the equivalent cost of 4.5 at my £5 PAYG rate! 


This offer is available through GoCardless, an independent third party direct debit provider. You can sign up for this fantastic offer here!