Are we what we eat?


Can we resolve many ailments through the right nutrition?


Do 'diets' ever really work...........long term?

Must the balance of exercises and a healthy diet be just so?

The purpose of this page is to simply share my experience and thoughts with you.  No one thing works for every individual, but given how many things I have tried (and often failed at), I am sure my experience of nutrition may be of interest and/or use.

At my heaviest

At the height of my pregnancy I was 15 Stone.  For an intelligent woman, I am still astounded that I thought it would just drop off after my daughter was born.  Oh no, 13 stone 7 lbs was my weight 2 months later.  My daughter is now 10 years old and I have battled and yo yo'd ever since.

Yo Yo weight

My weight fluctuated for many reasons (divorce, work, house moves, career changes and doing an MSc in Engineering with a one year old), between 10 stone 7 and 13 stone 7.  But I am now settled at a healthy 11 stone.   I am 5 foot 9ish.  Throughout the years though, I never really changed shape (I was either thinner or fatter, but only ever in the same places).  This time its different, I had never before been the shape I am now - and I like it!  It's down to a combination of the training I do and the food I eat. It still fluctuates, but my shape is far better than it's ever been underneath the fluctuating flab. ;-)

The benefits of Paleo

A few years ago I discovered the 'Paleo' diet.  It didn't take me long to realise it isn't really a diet at all, it's just a logical, sensible and healthy way of eating.  But more importantly, a way of avoiding many of the sometimes scary ill health issues associated with the human race since the consumption of processed food began. There is a belief that heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other human diseases and conditions can potentially be prevented through the right diet.

The Principles of Paleo

 I'm no expert yet, but I do know that (particularly when dieting) I used to suffer from feeling hungry most of the time, had some stomach related issues, felt bloated a lot of the time (I used to suffer horrendous wind, almost permanently!) and was often lethargic.  When you think about it,  cavemen probably didn't have these issues.   In fact, they were lean, fit, healthy and energetic.  They were eating what the complex human machine was designed to eat, and they did mighty fine on it.  So I gave it a go.  Not strictly, because it just isn't practical, but I took a lot of things back to basics. 


Is Paleo Easy? 


Yes and no.  We're no guru's (my husband and I changed our dietary bad habits together).  We cheat occasionally.  It can seem like hard work until you get used to it,  but the benefits of eating naturally occurring, filling, nutritious food on a regular basis has, literally, blown me away.  I don't often eat bread, pasta or rice and very rarely potatoes (sweet potatoes and omelettes are my staple foods now).  I eat lots of meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables by the bucket load.

This, combined with the strengthening of my body through simple, low impact but effective training, has made quite a difference.  I am lean, for the first time in a very long time, yet I still weigh a substantial 11 stone - my weight does not matter to me much anymore.  I look and feel great.

Don't take my word for it - look Paleo up for yourself...........or talk to me, visit one of my classes in 2017/18.  See you soon........I hope!


Nutrition...........a lay(wo)mans perspective....