Monday@1800 and 1915

Pilates Classical Mat method, when taught and undertaken correctly, can help with posture, back, joint and movement problems. Although run on a separate booking and payment system,  

As well as group classes, bespoke studio Pilates sessions can be arranged for groups of up to 3 people from only £30 per session. See 'studio' above for more details.

Studio Sessions
By Appointment

2019 saw a brand new 18ft by 12 ft studio becoming part of the Look After Yourself LN5 offering.

PT Sessions, 1-2-1, start just £30 an hour and for 1 -2-2 its just £20 pp per hour.

For Pilates sessions I can accommodate up to 3 clients per session 1-2-1 is £30, 1-2-2 is £40 and for 3 people is £15 pp per session.

Therapy Services

Therapy services will be offered at Look After yourself LN5 from mid 2020.

I want to help put in the past the days of Therapy being seen as a crisis intervention option only. Therapy should be accessed before crisis, for maintenance of health and well being.


Modern life carries more pressures than ever and a non-judgemental space, where you can freely explore your own experiences (be they now, recent or long past) and reflect with clarity in an empathic environment is vital to maintaining a good sense of who you are!

Fitness Classes
Suspended TFN

Sadly, due to familial commitments, I cannot continue these classes at this time.


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s attended my fitness classes over the years. Some of you were at the very first class in January 2014! I started doing this as more of a passion and hobby than a necessity and whilst I do still love it, I have other responsibilities meaning I have to now let it go. Thank you also for understanding this.

However...….....I may be back........never say never!