Maths Tutoring

I meet so many people, of all ages, who believe they are 'rubbish' at maths. I don't believe anyone is rubbish at maths!  If we didn't have a good experience of maths at school, be that due to a poor school, poor teaching, not paying attention or other reasons, we leave thinking we are rubbish.

Anyone can be good at maths with hard work, focus, a growth mind set and a good attitude.  

I will encourage you or your child to adopt a growth ' can do' mindset, in order to tackle any problem no matter how big or small, regardless of whether we get the right answer.

Therapy Services

Therapy with Ange at Look After Yourself LN5.

I want to help put in the past the days of Therapy being seen as a crisis intervention option only. Therapy should be accessed before crisis, for maintenance of health and well being.


Modern life carries more pressures than ever and a non-judgemental space, where you can freely explore your own experiences (be they now, recent or long past) and reflect with clarity in an empathic environment is vital to maintaining a good sense of who you are!

Monday evenings

Pilates Classical Mat method, when taught and undertaken correctly, can help with posture, back, joint and movement problems. 

As well as group classes, bespoke studio Pilates sessions can be arranged for groups of up to 3 people from only £30 per session. See 'studio' above for more details.

Check out the Pilates tab for details on beginners courses

Studio Sessions
By Appointment

2021 sees a brand new 8m by 5m studio becoming part of the Look After Yourself LN5 offering.

PT Sessions, 1-2-1, start just £30 an hour and for 1 -2-2 its just £20 pp per hour.

I now deliver Pilates classes in the Studio too - with only 6 per class you get a fantastic personal service

Check out the Pilates tab for details on beginners courses

Fitness Classes
Suspended TFN

Sadly, due to familial commitments, I have ceased these classes


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s attended my fitness classes over the years. Some of you were at the very first class in January 2014! I started doing this as more of a passion and hobby than a necessity and whilst I do still love it, I have other responsibilities meaning I have to now let it go. Thank you also for understanding this.

However...….....I may be back........never say never!